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Prescription Sunglasses & Rx Safety

Sunglasses reduce UVlight damage to the eyes in high light conditions. They also can reduce daylight glare for driving and outdoor sport. For snow conditions with low contrast overcast days sunglasses and googles can highlight contour and detail. You can purchase Adidas sunglass models that can have an optical insert for prescriptions not suited to Rx sunglasses. 

There are Rx sunglasses frames that suit for purpose and with an up to date prescription your options of lenses and finishes are able to be provided.

There is a large range of Rx safety frames that can be used to provide a workable solution to industrial requirements. This can include transitions lenses for indoor-outdoor roles, reflection free for indoor glare and blue control antifatigue for monitor uses. Frequently flatter fronted frames provide the best optical result. Highly curved frame can generate swim and variable sharpness in the side wrap zone and this is not always successful when worn all day.

View the Rx safety range here 


Rx sunglasses for sport or driving there is a style and fit from our choice of ranges

Rx safety for industrial use, rural safety roles and indoor factory requirements.

A vision examination is required to order the correct lenses and settings

Childrens sunglasses non Rx or with Rx are available.
Swimming goggles and sport glasses for children and adults are available on request

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