Contact Lenses

As a result of years of research and development contact lenses have the precision and effectiveness people of all ages require to wear contact lenses. There are many choices available in contact lenses today.

As a member of the Cornea & Contact Lens Society of NZ Ltd your options are explained and recommendations based upon your general health, vision, occupation, needs and lifestyle.

While fitted precisely to the individual eye, a contact lens requires care. To maintain a healthy eye, comfortable wear and good vision, you must allow time each day to clean and care for your lenses.

The replacement patterns virtually eliminate long term problems of wearing contact lenses. You have the benefits of improved health and greater comfort. The daily cleaning regimen is very simple and effective.

All your disposable ranges in sphere, astigmatism, multifocal and daily. Daily astigmatism and multifocal.

Seeing is believing from simple sight to customised contact lenses. We can see and fit what you require.

Contact lenses to suit your life. You can even use more than one type to match occasional sports to regular everyday.