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is simple and ingenious

Zenka is an original and colourful clipon which adds a top trim or face front to transform your eyewear

These frames are robust and ultralight. They are manufactured in France with the highest quality and flare

You are welcome to come in store to choose your Face & Cie frame and enjoy looking at all the clips we have

Click here for accurate color images of the clips we currently have in store

You can find the entire collection at Zenka

If you find one you like, contact us and we'll have it for you as soon as we can

Like nature, which adopts a new look for each season, we all evolve and reinvent ourselves as our desires and lives change. This is why Zenka has designed interchangeable eyewear that can be transformed to suit our mood and lifestyle

To allow glasses wearers to find the perfect match for the mood of the moment,

Zenka offers a wide range of frames and clips with new designs each season

Come in and choose your frame from the Face & Cie 1 base frames and  view our onsite clip range.

Choose clips for your model from the Face & Cie 1 catalogue online and let us know which ones you want. You can afford several trims and looks at $83 incl GST for each clip.

You can add a sunglasses clip for $120 incl GST.

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