Eyewear you decorate

Face & Cie by Zenka is simple and ingenious. It uses an original and colourful clipon part to add a top trim or face front to individualise your eyewear. 

High quality products create the base TNG and INOX frames. These are robust and ultralight. Using 100% French manufacture for quality and originality.

We recommend that you come in store and choose your base frame and then enjoy looking at all the clips in the online catalogue. On the left select the base frame,  on the right you can look all the clip choices for this frame.


Click here to see good colour renders of our most popular clips.

Come in and choose your frame from the Face & Cie 1 base frames and  view our onsite clip range.

Choose clips for your model from the Face & Cie 1 catalogue online and let us know which ones you want. You can afford several trims and looks at $83 incl GST for each clip.

You can add a sunglasses clip for $120 incl GST.